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Do Good Weirdly

A twice-yearly event where creatives from all sorts of fandoms share their hard work in a one-night LIVE event to raise money for charities of their choice!Join us LIVE on Saturday, July 1st!

About the Event

The Challenge:On Saturday July 1st, at 7pm in their local time zones, participants will sit down to write live for your entertainment! Each creator will be going as long as they are able, for up to 12 hours straight!The best part of the madness? It's all for charity!*The History:In January of 2021 we held our first Do Good Weirdly event with 9 authors, almost exclusively in the Final Fantasy VII fandom. The total donations raised by our nine authors got close to $1,000!In July of 2021 we did a second session of DGW, and the event nearly doubled in size. With 17 authors writing around the world, the event lasted for nearly 24 solid hours, with donations pouring into our 18 chosen charities, which ranged from LGBTQIA+ rights groups, to natural disaster relief funds, to animal and natural welfare organizations.Those donations came from the authors themselves dedicating a donation for every hour they wrote, from readers who wanted to support their favorite authors, and from spectators who wanted to support the idea even if they weren't able to participate.With our events in February and July of 2022 finally adding artists to the mix, Do Good Weirdly is enjoying its golden age, and most recently celebrated the beginning of 2023 with our fifth event!*This Mid-Year:We’re at it again! This event will have open signups for anyone who might want to participate in doing good with us! With every new creator and chosen charity, we get a little bit closer to make the world a better (and weirder!) place.If you’re in any way interested or excited, consider spreading the news to your friends & followers, signing up to create, or making plans to read or watch along and cheer on our participants! ALL fandoms are welcome, as are original works!Questions? Comments? Concerns? Check our FAQ tab, or find us as dogoodweirdly.tumblr.com or twitter.com/dogoodweirdly and we’ll back you up!Happy halfway point of the year, and let’s do some good together! WEIRDLY!


1. How Does This Work?DGW is a 'do what you can' event, designed to make fandom creators, readers, and viewers feel empowered to make small but meaningful changes in the world. Donations are considered a reward in this event, for writers, artists, readers, viewers, and supporters.Authors and artists will try to create in front of a live audience for as long as they are able, with a maximum goal of 12 hours. The longer you as a creator or viewer make it in the challenge, the more money you get to donate to your chosen cause! Some people donate a fixed sum for every hour they work or watch, others donate their time to local organizations or on charity sites (such as Freerice). Meanwhile, readers/fans/supporters are encouraged to cheer authors on by pledging donations as well, in amounts of their own discretion!All money will be donated straight to the creators chosen charities, so there isn't a centralized pool to see how much the event itself has raised, but we all get to spend some time together and do something positive for the world! The way we handle donations is an effort to change 'doing good' from something daunting or arduous into a fun, exciting event!2. I've Seen Artists Stream, But How do Authors Live Write?This is up to author discretion. Last year most of our authors used Google Drive, and shared a 'view only' link to invite readers along! However, google DOES display the author's name to any viewers, so those who want to pursue this path are encouraged to be cautious with how their name will appear. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and we can help you through the process!This year we will also be running a small Gather event as well, for those familiar with Gather as a screen sharing tool!We are open to working with whatever our authors feel comfortable sharing, and will be happy to help find the best option for you. If you want backup, or have followup questions, let us know! We're just glad to have you here!3. Is this event for a specific fandom?Nope! Though Do Good Weirdly started in the Final Fantasy 7 community, we would love to welcome more people from more fandoms to play along! At our last event, stories were written for 7 different fandoms, and we welcome original works as well! Whatever you love to create, that's what we want to cheer you on in making!


Have more questions? Check our social media links below!Excited to try something new and ready to commit now? Join our little community of Weird Do-Gooders!

Our Causes

Though we are a small event, we've made a little difference! Through our events so far, we've raised a few thousand dollars for causes we believe in!Below you'll find all the causes our authors, artists, and supporters have donated to through the years! We invite you to pick your favorites, and consider contributing yourself!

Healthcare & Wellness:

Social Reform & Justice:


Nature & Animal Support Groups:

Creative Initiatives:

Donate Time Instead:

Mid-Year 2023 Creator Directory

Want to explore? See multiple participants streaming live by checking out the official Do Good Weirdly Gather
[Password: DoGood]

Darkj3 | Tumblr
Starting: 12pm ET
Fandom: DBZ, Jak & Daxter
Charity: Must Love Cats Rescue
Stream Link: Darkj's Twitch Stream
DBZ fan comic, and reviving an Ask Jak blog

Zimithrus1 | Tumblr | Ao3
Starting: 12pm CST
Fandom: Final Fantasy XVI (maybe FF7 and Tiger & Bunny as well)
Charity: Limbs for Life
Stream Link: DGW Discord
I'll be working on a pivotal scene from the main game involving Joshua and the Phoenix ❤️ (if I finish that piece before the twelve hours then I'll be doodling random sketches of FFVII and Tiger & Bunny!)

SephyAthredon | Tumblr | Ao3
Starting: 12pm
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
Charity: Gamers Outreach, and The Entertainment Community Fund
Stream Link: SephyAthredon's July 2023 DGW doc or the Do Good Weirdly Gather [Password: DoGood]
I will be working on the next chapter of my AU fic where Zack and Sephiroth leave ShinRa with an ill Cloud in tow. It's called "The Reason We Rise, We Rise." I originally wrote the first chapter for the last DGW and the second chapter on my own.
Summary: “Shortly after Angeal's death, Infantrymen are reported going missing around ShinRa and one of the missing ones is Cloud Strife. His best friend Zack Fair tries to get to the bottom of it and finds out that he's being held within ShinRa's science department, but he's going to need some help to bust him out.That's where Sephiroth comes in. Genesis and Angeal have long deserted ShinRa and he's been entertaining the idea of doing the same. Zack's proposed mission to rescue Cloud may just provide just the opportunity he's been looking for."

Just_Mars | Tumblr |
Starting: 7pm ET
Fandom: Generation Loss, Variety of MCYT, Genshin, Valorant, and more
Charity: Free Rice, Trevor Project, Stop AAPI Hate
Stream Link: Mars DGW Info!
I AM BACK! This time it's art fight, mcyt art (maybe doodles for other fandoms), writing for my dsmp/qsmp god au or perhaps a oneshot. Who knows!

Boomchick | Twitter | Ao3
Starting: 7pm EST
Fandom: TGCF/Heaven Official’s Blessing
Charity: Athens Pride! and We Rock Athens!
Stream Link: Boom's '23 DGW
50 First Dianxias
Parings: Hualian
Tags: post-canon, memory loss, hurt/comfort, happy ending, 50 First Dates AU but from a woman who doesn’t like that movie
Summary: Hua Cheng wakes up with no memory of the last 800 years. Xie Lian goes on a second first date. And then a third. A fourth?

give2figs | Twitter | Ao3
Starting: 7pm EST
Fandom: TGCF/Heaven Official’s Blessing
Charity: The Trevor Project
Stream Link: 18+ Only—David's Hualian Writing, give2figs on Twitch
One of my (several) Hualian modern AU WIPs

chaos101 | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Ao3
Starting: 7pm ET
Fandom: Banana Fish
Charity: Prevent Child Abuse America
Stream Link: TBD
I'll be starting a new original novel, as well as taking breaks from it with Banana Fish fanfiction and fanart.

Gilli_arts | Twitter | Ao3
Starting: Around 7:30 EST
Fandom: TGCF/Heaven Official's Blessing, YoI
Charity: Human Right's Campaign
Stream Link: the Do Good Weirdly Discord!
Winging it for the biscuit-it

Upside | Tumblr | Ao3
Starting: 8 pm CT (8 pm EST)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Charity: The Innocent Project
Stream Link: Upside's DGW: July 2023--google doc
I have a lot of WIPS to work on...but I may also work on a new fic. I'll know for sure when I start.

Jihxra | Tumblr
Starting: 7pm PST (10pm ET)
Fandom: Bleach
Charity: United24
Stream Link: Jihxra's DGW
Context: White is exactly as his name implies— a Hollow. A feral beast with holes in their hearts, hunting down the living and the dead to fill the void inside. Living purely off of carnal instinct to devour. And while he doesn't completely fit the textbook definition, he, at the very least, considers himself on the opposite side of the spectrum of his Shinigami counterpart. So why is it then, that White’s chest aches upon realizing that he has taken a liking to one of Ichigo’s classmates? Aren’t Hollows supposed to be heartless?

Toshin | Twitter
Starting: 7pm CST
Fandom: TGCF/Heaven Official’s Blessing, Hakuouki
Charity: TBD, disability, autism, or trans activism
Stream Link:TBD
I have a few long standing things I really need to start. I might also work on novel revisions.

ThatOneArtistYouFound | Tumblr
Starting: At a time!
Fandom: N/A
Charity: Dealer’s Choice
Stream Link: TBD
Work on knitting my scarf and showing off how far I've gotten every hour :)